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Spring Driving Tips

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  • date May 3, 2023
Spring Driving Tips

Could it be true? Is it finally happening?
That’s right… spring is coming!

Although the end of winter brings with it hopes of bright days, vacations to the mountains, and
road trips in the summer, it’s vital to remember that spring weather can present hazardous driving conditions.

Keep in mind these few suggestions to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe and
secure as you enjoy the melting snow and the occasional rainfall.
1) Replace your wiper blades
2) Check your tires
3) Watch for potholes
4) Avoid large puddles
5) Keep your eyes out for cyclists
6) Look for children
7) Be aware of wildlife

Replace your wiper blades- With all the use our windshield wiper blades get in the winter,
pushing snow and scraping ice, it is likely that by the time spring rolls around, you are in need of
a switch. As we begin to encounter rain, it is important to have wipers that you are certain are up to the job.

Check your tires- As the weather changes, so does your tire pressure. While we are in the
transition months from winter to summer with warm days and cold nights, your tire pressure can
change overnight. Driving on underinflated tires can cause your tires to tear down quicker. To
check the tread on your tires, try the quarter test; if you insert a quarter with George
Washington’s head down into the groove and you can see the top of his head, your tread is less
than one-eighth of an inch. This means that you should consider replacing your tires soon.
Watch for potholes- With the amount of snowfall we encountered this winter, the plows ran the
roads multiple times. In combination with the substances used to eliminate ice, snow removal is
a large cause of potholes. As you’re driving, be sure to scan the road to ensure you are not
causing any additional hardship to your tires.

Avoid large puddles- Though it can be fun to splash through a puddle with your vehicle after a
large rainfall, try to avoid it. Often potholes are filled with these large puddles or other damaging
objects and can cause major damage to your tires and/or vehicle.
Keep your eyes out for cyclists- When the weather gets warmer, people are more likely to use
bicycles (or motorcycles) to get around. Be sure to watch out for them as you share the road andleave them plenty of room as you pass. As for motorcyclists, be sure to keep a wide distance between your vehicle and them when you pass and as you follow them, stay one car length behind per 10mph.

Look for children- Similar to bikes and motorcycles, there are more children out and about
during warmer months. Especially through residential and school neighborhoods, be sure to slow down and pay special attention while driving. Be aware of wildlife- Rural areas are prone to have wildlife roam throughout the year; this increases, however, during spring and summer months as some retire from hibernation. Keep in mind that springtime is also the time of year that cattle are being moved to their summer pastures and there may be some near roads.

Keep in mind these seven reminders and you are sure to have a successful, claim-free spring! In the event of any accidents, or with any questions, please feel free to contact us at 307-333-5208.

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